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Connect To Your Local MASJID


There are three parts.
1. MASJID CLOCK: It's a Prayer time clock for Masjid to display Salat times and other information.
2. ADMIN APP: This app is for Masjid to use update/change Prayer times, Broascast Azan/Sermon, messages etc.
2. END USER APP: People can download app from play/app store and Can view Prayer times, receive alerts of Prayer time changes, Masjid Azan, Masjid Sermon and other information.

Download App, Select Your Mosque & Start Subscribing


If you do not see your local mosque in Live Mosque app. Please ask your Masjid to registered.
Service is totally free but one time equipment cost ($250 - $500 base on Android TV size )
Equipment: Android TV (32" - 50"), TV Mount, Android Phone and Phone Mount. You can buy it your own or we can help you to order the equipments.

Live Mosque can help in live Azan Broadcasts, Prayer Times, Events, Notifications and Live Sermons for Mosques.

The Live Azan Feature establishes a real-time Live broadcast link between a mosque and the subscribers. Each client subscribed to a mosque can listen to the Azan live without having the need to do it manually. The app runs in background and automatically starts background broadcast even when the phone is locked. It acts as a perfect solution of Azan delivery from mosques to subscribers.

Masjid Prayer Times

Subscribers can view Prayer times and receive alerts of Prayer time changes.

Masjid Events and Notifications

The Imam can create events and notify users for it. Imam can also create notification alerts of Prayer time change which will be sent to all the subscribers.

Sermon from Masjid

Similar to Azan, Imam can hold a Live Sermon, which all the subscribers can listen to.